Nina Las Vegas unveils experimental pop single, 'Lucky Girl' – Dancing Astronaut

Nina Las Vegas‘ time as a host for Australia’s Triple J surely exposed her to a wealth of intriguing new sounds and genres — doubly so given the continental country’s well deserved reputation as a hotbed for electronic music. It’s no surprise then that in her own production work, and the artists she fosters on NLV Records, explore the bleeding edge of production styles and techniques.

Las Vegas’ latest, a collaboration with Swick dubbed “Lucky Girl,” sees the producer fuse pop stylings with experimental techniques. A light, breathy vocal melody hooks listeners over a minimalist foundation centered around a hollowed out piano. Rather than filling every inch of the track’s sonic spectrum with dense sounds, Las Vegas opts to leave things open — allowing clever sound design choices to flit and glitch throughout.

As if “Lucky Girl” wasn’t enough, Las Vegas released an accompanying video that stitches together home movie scenes of the producer performing throughout her life.