NOIRE & .dru – Too Much

• Ten seconds of first drop, aaagh!
• Excellent sound design, polished schematics
• Wonderful vocal, a passionate performance

NOIRE has earned his reputation for versatility with his third appearance on Tribal Trap, and I had the change to appreciate his style. First it happened with a glitch-riddled début “Psychedelic”, and then a classic melodic one titled “Heart In Debt”. Ironically, the first one ended up being more experimental for my standard, while the second one sounded predictable. People say “Third time’s the charm”, so will it be applicable in this scenario as well?

Featuring .dru, a colleague of NOIRE who didn’t have much info about along with an uncredited vocalist. “Too Much” is a quality Future Bass record with a sense of cheery and laidback vibe immediately warranting for attention. Nothing unique for a common listener of this genre, yet it’s clear that there’s the meticulousness towards details and a desire for bringing fans to the end-user. Summer is here, and even if it will be a weird one, with pandemic still lingering around and clubs closed as usual. Thus demand of this sort of tracks are higher as obvious, and hence needed. Together with a dose of “out-of-the-box” mentality, otherwise it’s not the material we review typically.

The breakdown has a standardized “summer-pop” structuring, where the singer adopts an Ed Sheeran style. Well, I don’t claim to be an expert in the pop domain, however this section reminded me of “Photograph” from the English singer, carrying that subtle guitar and cadence. Forgettable, in my personal view, but I can see people enjoying it and being the radio-friendly part of this song. The lyricism and vocal delivery are also excellent.

What’s hitting me is a slow, intelligent build-up that introduces for an instant the genre-adhering lead synth, and then strikes with energy and a crazy guitar solo… For a very short first section! 10 seconds?! It was bothersome to the point that I was wanted to find NOIRE and .dru and bash them for providing such a brief moment of joy and taking it away instantly. On the positive note, they luckily pick-up the pace with a second drop featured with a decent duration. The whole track is 3 and a half minutes long, which is maybe more than the average duration one can expect nowadays, offering a rationale as to why this happened. They gave more space to the breakdown. But man, when that moment abruptly ended, the feeling of amiss got stuck thereafter.

So, the pair played around with a lovely riff from the stringed instrument and solid Future Bass lead, using general elements from this style in a clean and almost pleasant arrangement. It is a fun experience, especially towards the end, where the build-up segment works extremely well with the other two parts, and present the great sound-design powering it. Considering that the artists are at the beginning of their respective careers, “Too Much” is a solid outcome and the overall encounter was alright/decent enough. What a shame for that short introductory drop though!

You can listen to “Too Much” here:

Tribal Trap · NOIRE & .dru – Too Much