Nora En Pure Shines with Latest Release, ‘Emerald Skies’

Out today is Swiss-South African artist Nora En Pure’s latest sonic gem, ‘Emerald Skies‘ via Enormous Tunes.

Evoking a mystical atmosphere within moments of play, ‘Emerald Skies’ transcends time and genre, while remaining true to her artistic identity. Fusing Nordic influences with rave-inspired sounds, this hybrid creation is both dramatic and emotive as it flourishes and captivates the listener across its entirety.

‘Emerald Skies’ follows last months’ ‘Illusions‘ and October’s ‘Arbora,’ continuing to showcase the artists’s emotive and soul-stirring style of production. Nora En Pure was recently selected as Beatport’s Artist of The Month (November) and rose to #53 in the DJ Mag Top 100. Taking part in their Awards Ceremony, she played a mesmerising sunrise stream from Bali. Following a short touring break, the Helvetic Nerd will resume her end of year tour with shows in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and North America. For her full list of shows, head over to BandsInTown.