Nostalgia – The Enigmatic Mixtape

It has been a while since we heard from the former numero uno heavyweight Hardwell. The Dutch act took a sudden hiatus from what he described as hectic and strenuous DJing career in 2018, and since released singles and collaborations, with his last work being “Go To War” with the native Suyano. Keeping a quieter profile for this year until now, he revealed an unofficial and rather unannounced mixtape titled “Nostalgia”. It hasn’t been shared through his social channels, but fans found it on his personal Instagram bio.

nostalgiathemixtape · Hardwell – “NOSTALGIA” (The Mixtape)

As the given epithet suggests, the compilation is almost two-hour long continuous mix of various R&B hit songs from the noughties and before, having acclaimed artists such as 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, TLC, Craig David and even the British electronic act Artful Dodger, who were known for being popular in the UK Garage scene. As some might know, Hardwell initiated his career as a deck spinner, playing underground and Hip-Hop discographies (this majorly influenced his Dirty Dutch style afterwards, a point to be noted), hence resonating the record choices in this selection.

There are questions which do arise from this… one of which is the obvious: will there be more of this? Or does this marks his renewed interest to go backward to his roots? For all we know, this could be for leisure with him trying to show devoted fan-base of his actual tastes exclusive of Dance music. Personally, we think it’s a fun, nostalgic mixtape made for his friends, that Hardwell kindly decided to share with that niche that could be interested in a more hip-hop selection.

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