Nurko Drops Latest Release, “Blindspot Part 2”

Having already revealed “Part 1” of his Blindspot EP earlier this month, talented producer and DJ, Jack Leech, known professionally as Nurko, has unveiled his full project via Proximity. Nurko’s “Blindspot Part 2” came out on December 15, 2020, fifteen days after the release of Part 1. Featuring the drop-dead gorgeous vocals of renowned singer-songwriter, Devon Baldwin, the EP is available to stream in full across all DSPs.

Nurko’s “Blindspot Part 2” has arrived

Nurko’s highly-anticipated “Blindspot Part 2” once again sees Devon Baldwin at the helms. She provided the same beautiful vocal performance that she delivered in Blindspot Part 1. This time, a more energetic sonic tone accompanies her euphoric singing, with Nurko audibly upping the anté in all regards.

Compared to its first counterpart, the DJ/producer’s signature melodic bass sensibilities heard throughout effortlessly evoke a more high-octane feel. “Blindspot Part 2” has a lot of palpable intensity and raw emotion. Throughout the nearly four-and-half-minute musical endeavor, one can truly hear and feel the sheer passion that was put into this release’s 2nd part by both Nurko and Baldwin.

Nurko’s statement about “Blindspot Part 2”

Blindspot’ is about the changing of a relationship through time. Even though things seem to have gone south, you still feel so deeply for the other and don’t want to lose them. With all of the hardships, they still mean so much to you. We represent this in a 2 part EP. The music varies in intensity, taking you on an emotional journey, but ultimately ending on a happy note“. 

Nurko explains the meaning behind Blindspot Part 2

Upcoming plans for Nurko and Devon Baldwin

Nurko has had an enormously productive year, releasing +10 singles/remixes across 12 months, amassing millions of streams in the process. Taking on the likes of ILLENIUMGryffinSeven Lions and more on the remix front, Jack Leech has seen unprecedented success amid an otherwise bleak trip around the sun. Slated to join Dabin on his rescheduled “Into The Wild” tour in 2021, things are looking up for the rising melodic talent.

Devon Baldwin released “Angel Cry” with Oakland rapper G-Eazy earlier this year, alongside a Bobby Bruderle directed music video. 2019 saw the Bay Area native reveal her Underwater EP, rife with sensual vocals and electronic undertones. With 2021 around the corner, fans can expect an array of new productions from the criminally underrated singer-songwriter.