Of Love And Lust Break The Mould Yet Again Releasing ‘Calm in Your Eyes (Bleep Bloop Remix)’ Before The Single

Innovative production meets daring marketing in this exciting new track.

Oh, the wonders of thinking outside the box. In an industry saturated with template tracks and music that can hardly be told apart from one another, it’s quite refreshing to acknowledge we’ve got people pushing the boundaries of production. Not only from an arrangement point of view, but really, from the get-go.

For all those craving for new roads to be paved, we’re really excited to introduce you to a massive band, comprised of massive members. Meet Of Love And Lust (OLAL).

Of Love And Lust (OLAL)

(Left to right) Kuzman, Rush, Skunk. Credit: Ryan Monolopolus

We’ve already shared one of their recent endeavours, so if you’ve been an avid reader you should remember them. OLAL is an Alternative Rock / Electronica hybrid-focused band, whose sound pays tribute to the golden era of the 80s. Not only do they have a sound that can take you back there, but their members truly embody the spirit of that beautiful decade.

Let me make myself a bit clearer: they were a part of the 80s. Each on their own lane. And have now come together for a music project in today’s era, with today’s technology, but with the magical touch of yesterday.

Members like Gareth Jones have a long history of being at the forefront of music history, even from that era. He’s worked with the likes of Erasure and Depeche Mode, and back in the day, he pioneered the whole synths-samples-Dance fusion. Fusion, mind you, that is basically the foundation of the genre we all know and love here at EDMTunes. Wild.

The band’s members are currently based all over the world: Rush (vocals) in Berlin, Kuzman (guitars, keyboards) in Macedonia, Gareth Jones (keyboards, production) in London, Christie McCarthy (vocals) in California, Alex Baum (drums, keyboards) in North Carolina, and Skunk (keyboards, songwriter) in Arizona.

‘Calm in Your Eyes (Bleep Bloop Remix)’

Now, notice I started this post mentioning “daring marketing”. Why? Here’s why. OLAL have recently unveiled their next sonic chapter, ‘Calm in Your Eyes’. But they have NOT shared the original track. Instead, playing with the order so core to the industry, they’ve decided to first release a remix of the original. In this case, Glitch and Bass producer Bleep Bloop’s.

To understand why, let’s dive a bit into the backstory of the single itself.

Bleep Bloop.

The Backstory

Skunk, OLAL’s sound designer and keyboardist, comments that the bond between both parties has its roots an entire six years back in time. He stumbled upon Bleep Bloop’s set while he was playing at the Shaky Beats Festival in Atlanta in 2018. From then on, he was hooked. A couple of years later, more sets watched, and some conversations started, ‘Calm in Your Eyes’ finally served as the spark for Bleep Bloop and OLAL to join forces on a track.

Unlike many remixes that only use fragments of the original, Bleep Bloop retained nearly all the lead vocals of the single, while infusing the song with his distinctive flair throughout and beyond. The result was so powerful that, instead of releasing it as a secondary remix, the band felt it deserved to lead as the first release.

Bleep Bloop has utterly transformed our upcoming single with his signature electronic twists, prompting us to premiere the remix a month before the single itself, which will drop on May 10th”, says Skunk.

“OLAL is all about dismantling norms, breaking from tradition, and pioneering new directions in electronic soundscapes.”


The Track

Quite following the whole breaking the mould essence of the band, this song was not only sung but also written by Christie, traditionally OLAL’s backing vocalist. Her voice is not only a main focal point of the arrangement from the beginning, but also a pretty versatile weapon of choice for Bleep Bloop. Several glitched-out washes can be heard throughout, playing with effects such as bitcrush, gates, repetitions, and even some sort of source for other signals to adopt her waveform. No wonder why the band loved this version so much. To me, it aligns perfectly with their vision of the project!

Christie McCarthy. Credit: Ryan Monolopolus

Listen to Bleep Bloop’s remix of Of Love And Lust’s ‘Calm in Your Eyes’ in full by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided. Also, be sure to follow the artists on their socials (OLAL | Bleep Bloop). And don’t forget to stay tuned to our page for the latest news and reviews from our beloved EDM industry.

*Cover art painting by Gary Paintin.