Oliver Heldens Pulls Inspiration From EDM's Golden Era For His Latest Remix Of David Guetta

It is no secret that I absolutely love Oliver Heldens. While the producer helped form the future house genre several years ago, recently he has been incorporating old-school sounds into new productions for a sound that is just what the world needs. His recent remix David Guetta's pop hit “Don't Leave Me Alone” demonstrates this ability perfectly.

Helden's technique reinventing sounds yesteryear started f with the release “Riverside 2099”. The track took one the most iconic Dutch house tunes all time and gave it a dark and daring modern update. Heldens took the same approach with this remix, but on the more subtle end as the full Dutch House treatment would have overpowered this pop anthem.

While this remix does push the tone the track a bit further on the darker end the spectrum, it still has an airy pop persona. The driving, pounding bass and subtle hissing which precedes each beat are telltale signs early 2010 styles. I could not be happier with this recent trend returning to the style EDM's golden era. Heldens is leading a charge, and hopefully, artists begin to follow suit. Check out the track below.