‘Ophelia Presents: Advent Volume 2’ Has Amazing Talents

Nearly half a year after releasing Ophelia Presents: Advent Volume 1, Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records returns with its second edition, Ophelia Presents: Advent Volume 2. The second EP series is stacked with rising artists and budding talent alike, as it includes newcomers STAR SEED, Fahjah, Linney, VVN, Napa Cabbage, Xavi, GhostDragon, Exede, Paper Skies, Altair, Wiguez, Mary Sweet, Kepik, and Nick Ledesma.

As expected of the label, Ophelia’s Advent Volume 2 combines the best of future bass, trance, cinematic dubstep, melodic bass, and drum and bass.

Advent Volume 2’s Sounds

Kicking off the second EP series, STAR SEED brings together an appropriately titled “Heaven” featuring Meggie York, released prior to the EP’s debut. The duo draws listeners to the song’s gentle but enthralling drop, gracing ears with their prowess in the studio.

Previously debuting on Ophelia Records for its Advent Volume 1, Luke Anders returns on Advent Volume 2 alongside newcomer Fahjah. The two artists concoct an elaborate progressive sound, sending chills down listeners’ backs with passionate and powerful drops in their song “Air.”

This EP is nonstop hearing for all

As the EP series progresses, VVN brews a cinematic battle between organic instruments and menacing sounds, adding an invigorating element to the album with “Venomous,” and its growling drops contribute an eerie sound to Advent Volume 2.

Moving forward, Nappa Cabbage pivots toward a softer usage of organic instruments in “Stars” while maintaining an intoxicating drop paired with ALYE’s vocal accents. Juxtaposed against the snarl of “Venomous,” “Stars” particularly articulates a breezy but fervent sound.

Xavi overloads listeners in the best way possible, forming a glitchy but otherworldly combination between Sweet Pea’s electrifying vocals and the song’s high-octane drops. However, sparkling piano notes wind down the song’s exit, proving Xavi’s mastery as a conductor of emotions and energy.

GhostDragon and Exede, in their second team-up, assemble a heart-tugging track with “Another Night,” pairing passion, melody, and bass into a candied auditory experience achievable only by the merged talents of these producers.

Paper Skies, Alltair, and Wiguez pack a punch with their drum and bass fueled track, “Edges.” The song’s vocal chops add a playful and distinctive touch to Ophelia’s collective sound, marrying the three styles into a single lively track.

Serving as Advent Volume 2‘s last song, “New Horizon” by Kepik and Nick Ledesma appropriately ends the album, imbuing a sense of wonder as listeners set down their headphones and await what “New Horizon” the next Ophelia Advent volume will bring.

Download and stream

Check out Ophelia Presents: Advent Volume 2 on YouTube below, or stream the album via the Ophelia Records imprint.