Opiuo And Ashez Unleash ‘Underground’ Ahead of Upcoming EP

On May 31st, as everyone geared up towards the first day of June, Australian Bass talent Opiuo teamed up with New Zealander rising star Ashez to unleash their latest single, ‘Underground’. The release of this awesome track efficiently blends unique Bass drops with eloquent, mystical melodies to make it a piece of music that will be on someone’s playlist in an instant. ‘Underground’ is the first single of the upcoming EP, based on the same name as this track, and which will provide a lot of creative grooves that ensure that each bass line will fulfill each listener’s eardrums with happiness.

The EP from Opiuo and Ashez will contain four tracks, including ‘Underground’ itself, and it will come out on June 21st. First, though, click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link to jam out to this exciting new track from a duo that will take Bass music to a whole new world.

How Both Artists Met

Opiou explains how he became great friends with Ashez — through the equally amazing CloZee. He says “Me and Ashez have been very close for years now“. And then further elaborates, “We met via our good friend CloZee (I heard his music while staying at her house one time) and I was instantly like “who is THIS?!”. I played a couple of his songs in my set (I rarely play anyone but my own) and instantly wanted to connect and collaborate. After some internet sessions we met in real life and the creativity just flowed seamlessly. I’m so proud of this music. It’s more moody, and a little darker, but that’s what a good collaboration should be, a bit of both of you mashed into something fresh and new“.

I’m so happy to finally share this music with everyone! There’s nothing more beautiful & rewarding than writing music with friends!”


On the other hand, Ashez also shared a few words with us, detailing the process of creating the EP. “Oscar and I became friends after he found my music and reached out. I was stoked as I had been a fan for years, and now I’m even more stoked to announce the release of our EP. We realized pretty quickly we worked extremely well as a team, and our first single release, Bash Plate received so much hype and support. Oscar invited me to come and stay at his place for a week in Byron before a festival we were both playing at, we started a few different projects and have slowly been adding and adjusting them ever since. I’m so excited to release this EP as both Oscar and myself have been playing these tracks out for ages now.

“It’s always awesome working with your mates and we think this EP is a great representation of both of us and our sounds.”