OUTRAGE x TBR – Imagine

• Quality Tranceroom , as expected from veterans of the genre
• Riskier choice for an complex but attention-catching melody
• Predictable circumstance in the breakdown

The trio OUTRAGE (2) and TBR (1) have to be the most efficient combination in the specific niche of Trance Room. After years of sharing a solid studio chemistry, I am still here wondering when will the mainstream fan-base truly appreciate their undistinguished skill-set. OUTRAGE have already made it to the forefront with Rave Culture, along with Jaxx & Vega. TBR, however, has appeared on Generation Smash, plus has been featured in collaborative projects published in labels such as Revealed Radar and Intensity Recordings. Still waiting for the breakthrough “leap”, but it’s near, I know it for certain.

This group has merged again with Glow Records for their newest creation, a label that hardly disappoints their underground fans. I have been grabbed by the seemingly abstruse rhythm of “Imagine”, an experiment that denies to step on the usual patterns and check-marks, and explore for new ones.

Nitpicking becomes commonplace considering “classic structures”, however I do not want to sound repetitive, and hence “Imagine” deserves a mention.

This group of talented individuals approached with a Trance-fused schematic, that shyly keeps distance from being termed entirely its Big Room variant, especially as heard in the introductory drop. A commendable job on the vocal chops make the advancing build-up quite dynamic and entertaining, even if it is somewhat anticipated from them. The element that convinced me strongly is the hook and core of this production. A riff-raff between notes, it lurks in the risky territory without losing the steam or gusto, and thus this single becomes an avid example of taking advantage of various potentials. The greater odds of deviating too much always lies (a personal struggle I have with many tracks), but if the balance so struck is right, the outcome is intriguing.

In entirety, I can recommend “Imagine” on behalf of the how well it harmonizes between intricacies and vividness within the instrumental. Speaking about the rest, the blueprint still hits various clichés at some points, counting the pre-drop fills and the break segment. Nevertheless, the producers have accomplished even more with this fine production!

You can listen to “Imagine” here:

Glow Records · OUTRAGE & TBR – Imagine