Owen Norton Releases “Lost In Your Love”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Owen Norton shares the romantic and upbeat song “Lost In Your Love” featuring the vocal talent of Paige Eliza. After diving into 2021 with an original song, the UK producer taps an oldie for its own Owen Norton treatment.

“Lost In Your Love” is a remake of the song sharing the same name by Redlight, which was first released in 2012. Now, nearly a decade later, Owen Norton puts his own spin on the track, slowing down the tempo and crafting a modern house drop on the track.

Owen Norton’s version of “Lost In Your Love” first surfaces with a focus on the song’s vocals, per the courtesy of Paige Eliza. Building up to the drop, the track drums up a flurry of piano chords before exploding with a groundbreaking bassline and emphatic hi-hats.

“Lost In Your Love” is not the only track that has seen treatment from the budding talent. Corona’s “The Rhythm of the Night” found itself in the hands of the more than capable UK producer.

This latest release easily belongs at any club with its lively melody and undulating beats guiding feet to the dance floor.

Finally, check out Owen Norton’s “Lost In Your Love” below or listen to the song via your favorite streaming platform.