Pacha Ibiza Announces 50th Anniversary Edition Headlined By Marco Carola B2B Solomun

Pacha Ibiza, one of the world’s most iconic and influential nightclubs, is set to ignite the dance floor in an unparalleled celebration as it reaches its monumental 50th anniversary. A unique night of pure euphoria awaits as two legends, Marco Carola and Solomun, join forces for stellar B2B that promises to be a journey like no other.

Doing anything for half a century is an unreal achievement. Being one of the very best at what you do for the same amount of time sounds nearly impossible. Pacha, however, is one of those venues where impossible is just another word.

After opening its doors in 1973, Pacha became one of the first clubs to define today’s clubbing Ibiza scene. Today, after decades of themed parties, unreal residences, and countless hours of dancing and partying, it’s safe to say Pacha is nowhere near finished. The iconic club remains as strong and iconic as it did back in the day.

Carola & Solomun Team Up For Unforgettable B2B

For this once in a lifetime party, you need a once in a lifetime lineup. For their 50th anniversary celebration, Pacha Ibiza has handed the controls to 3 very special and unique artists.

Up first we have the stellar B2B between Solomun and Marco Carola. Supporting them is one of most electrifying duos in today’s scene: Bedouin. Together, these artists will be in charge of making this night one of the most memorable ones in Pacha’s history.

50 years is an unreal landmark for any business. For a club inside the dance music scene it is the equivalent of being annointed into the hall of fame. This August, Pacha joins a very special category. Few deserve this honor, but if there’s one thing we’re sure of, is that Pacha certainly deserves it.

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