Parker Drops Multi-Genre Debut LP ‘Gateway’

Few will understand the sheer pressure artists feel when delivering debut albums but in Parker's Gateway, it's clear that this is an artist in full, unbridled creative flow. Beauty often emerges from struggle and Gateway is a clear-cut example of that mantra.

Lost and lacking inspiration, Parker sought out to create an album that he not only could be proud of, but more importantly that he felt truly himself in making. Gateway is worlds away from his debut Spark EP from years past. The technical improvement, cohesion between productions, and insane versatility on display are a testament to the years of hard work and dedication that Parker put into this full-length.

He states, “Each record I slowly started to find my creativity and make music for me. Not anyone else. Not worrying about opinions from others or listening to anyone's direction. Each record you will feel and hear my creativity pull me out of the biggest roadblock in my career.” In that sense, Gateway is so much more than just a body of music – it's a work of art and a celebration of artistic originality and freedom. 

Check it out below: