Partiboi69 – Feed Me Data

• Made by an absolute chad
• Bangs the ear properly
• A e s t h e t i c rap segment

In the sphere of DIY and the eccentric, there are plenty of artists who have gone to unthinkable levels to project a brand that displays a character to be endeared by the audience. Take such as any masked figure in EDM, as they maintain staunching efforts to preserve their real identity. That is for another day, as my focus today is drawn by a quirky figure called Partiboi69. While this might seem just another tongue-in-cheek online username, he is rather a performer who has gathered the support of millions for his unorthodox branding – one filled with gauche innuendos and hammering discography peaked with rave-inducing tracks. This article is going to delve on his latest piece of art titled “Feed Me Data” which released on Mutual Pleasure, which apparently is the new imprint founded by the mentioned act last year.

Brandishing a colourful and witty flair, Partiboi69 has become synonymous for a sarcastic yet impressive approach for marketing. He takes immense inspiration from the heydays of gabber and illicit underground parties in the yesteryears, as the Australian denizen has quickly became an internet icon for eclectic performances uploaded on YouTube. Among these bodacious sets, there is not only a psychedelic show put together, but a rag-tag of finely selected K-Tek, Electro and Ghetto House works on repeat. For what he demonstrates on this frontier is also compensated well on his musical creations, having gathered multitude of streams over the years.

Going for a closer look towards the said producer’s signature style, there is no dearth of crude orchestration of distorted sounds, paying homage to grittier variations of early dance genres such as hardcore. “Feed Me Data” runs on a comical note, fueled further by striking 909 percussion and abrasive synths. The vocal runs almost as a gag, presenting itself in the form of a robotic and repetitive snippet throughout the song. It uses a breakbeat groove in a normal pace you would expect, although not in the usual faster speed as in other offerings from the persona. It sticks to a linear arrangement to the point it intends to come off as this monotonous and computerized beat. This changes however, with my favourite segment in the entirety: a fluent rap delivery from Partiboi69 himself, after which the climactic outro section (further features from a vicious acid bassline riff) hits relentlessly than before.

While the score I attributed to this single might be in a jocular sense, it has earned one more than noted here. Partiboi69 might pose himself as an amusing and eye-grabbing individual, the passion shown towards both the visual and aural aspects of his presentation is applaud worthy!

You can listen to “Feed Me Data” here:

Mutual Pleasure · Partiboi69 – Feed Me Data