Paul Oakenfold & Eve Join Forces for “What’s Your Love Like”

Dance legend, Paul Oakenfold teams up with rapper, Eve, for his new track, “What’s Your Love Like“. Paul embraces his long-time affair with Hip-Hop, and the end result is a collision of worlds and genres. Eve’s instantly recognizable vocals kick off the track, with Baby E’s adlibs echoing in the background. Moreover, It’s an immaculate combination of catchy pop toplines, with a dance bassline and Oakenfold’s signature groove.

Paul Oakenfold is no stranger to Hip-Hop. He has played a significant role in the careers of some of the genre’s most important artists. He managed Britain’s number 1 Hip-Hop DJs, Mastermind and London All Star Breakers. On the label-side, Paul Oakenfold was previously head of A&R for Profile Records in Europe, which was home to Run DMC and Rob Base. Furthermore, Paul helped sign Salt N Pepa, and was hired by CBS Records/Sony to take care of Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Beastie Boys on all ventures in the United Kingdom.

Over the years, Paul Oakenfold has proven himself to be an influential force in dance music. He’s been voted “World’s Best DJ” and “Best Trance DJ” on multiple occasions, as well as being named “Most Influential DJ of All Time“. Also, his imprint, Perfecto Records, is one of the longest-running dance record labels. The imprint is responsible for many dance hits from emerging artists to established acts. At the same time, Paul’s eclectic portfolio has given him opportunities to open for mainstream megastars. Madonna and U2 are notable examples, and Paul has performed at unique locations such as Base Camp Mount Everest, Stonehenge, The Great Wall of China, and Area 51. Fans can connect with Paul Oakenfold via his official website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.