Paul van Dyk & Ciaran McAuley Join Forces For ‘Someone Like You’

It’s the satisfaction of two legends coming together for something truly incredible.

What a piece of music we bring you today, folks! Kick off your week with an unreal collaboration between two of the most beloved Trance producers out there: on one side, we have German maestro Paul van Dyk, author of many classics such as ‘For An Angel‘, and more recently ‘While You Were Gone‘ with Vincent Corver, while on the other side we welcome one of the guys who’s taken the scene by storm lately, Ciaran McAuley, formerly one-half of the renowned trance duo Walsh & McAuley, and author of tracks like ‘All I Want‘ and ‘Tears Don’t Mean You’re Losing‘.

Paul and Ciaran hit the studio together for ‘Someone Like You‘, a track that has, without a doubt, a strong influence of both parties. Lose yourself to the majestic Trance vibes only two acts of the calibre of these guys can provide. This might just be the one song you didn’t know you needed.

Someone Like You

Right away, you get hit with Ciaran’s iconic pluck, and Paul’s progression, all at the same time. The break is nothing short of mesmerizing, with an atmosphere which invites you to levitate over your desktop. Strings, pads, vocal beds, pianos, everything comes together seamlessly.

The drop evokes the feeling of old-school trance, with tons of dynamism, layers, and a fairly simple melody that is backed up with a lot of Trance bliss. In conclusion, this is a song made for those who love a bit of flying-away motion. Trance lovers, have a listen, you won’t regret it.

Listen to Paul van Dyk & Ciaran McAuley’s ‘Someone Like You’ below, by clicking the Spotify button we’ve provided. Also, click here to be redirected to YouTube. Finally, head over to this link to support the track any way you like.