Paul Wolf – No Regrets

• Old-school drop in newer sleeves!
• Simple structure but full of elements
• Trademark vocal tone from FHC

In the recent week, I stated in my “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” review that Future House Cloud is a label that deserves more respect because (apart of their Slap House release akin to dark side of the moon) of their creative and groovy releases, keeping constant support with upcoming artists. Now, after ten months of my hiatus from reviewing any Electro House tunes, the German act Paul Wolf has revealed “No Regrets”, a refreshing tune that urged me to reconsider my break from the genre and write about it.

Yeah, as you might have guessed it already, the Slap House-like vocal is a trademark in this label but with the correct and creative use, it can act as just the pizazz one needs in an instrumental! Starting the track, the kicks come in…and wow, is it going faster! That’s right, a running speed of 138 BPM carries the pace like a jet, and even with a short duration of around 150 seconds, the rhythm sees no hinderance; it is truly a dynamite of a track!

Yet, among all these, there is a lack of creativity hanging in the vocal outcome which leads to a feeling of stagnancy. Even though I preferred it initially, as it a good way to combine this pitch-altered vocal with a snappy cadence, but the same loop in repetition in the drop makes it tiring. This tune is full of stamina, non-stop melodic riff and an incredible sense of old-school beat that throwbacks to the early 2010s. Paul managed to rejuvenate the mentioned style which doesn’t overstay its welcome coupled with a few acceptable flaws.

All in all, Paul Wolf deserves a sort of recognition for this work (and especially for bringing back FHC in my good books). “No Regrets” is a pleasant experience and a brilliant addition to my music collection, and left no bitterness even after few repeats!

You can listen to “No Regrets” here:

FHC Selection · Paul Wolf – No Regrets