Pegboard Nerds & Tia Simone – Rhythm Is A Dancer

• The original essence is still there, partially intact
• Renewed vocals by Tia Simone
• Unexpected Atom-inspired drop

Congrats to Monstercat for its 9-year-old anniversary! For this special occasion, the label is releasing a series of 90’s reworks: the first episode is our pick for today. As some of you may have guessed from the title, we have an unexpected remake of the mythical track “Rhythm Is A Dancer” made by one of the established duos on the label: Pegboard Nerds.

I was slightly nervous about the release because I couldn’t imagine which approach was going to be adopted, but I was totally surprised (in positive). The original 1992 vibes are still there, especially in the breakdown: loved it! With a renewed vocal, thanks to the beautiful Tia Simone’s voice, and less synths sounds, the result is fresh and, at the same time, doesn’t forget the 90’s attitude of the classic.

The drop reminds me a lot the “Atom” rework by Tom Swoon and Teamworx, I loved that dirty synth sound, even it doesn’t fits well in the 90’s context. It is a hard and unexpected shift that can seems forced at first, but later turns into a danceable (yet easily repetitive) drop. Just like “Atom”, a classic Electro House schema that is not aging well because of its simplicity, this rework firstly impress for its unpredictable approach… But it’s not something I’ll keep in my playlist for years. Props to PN for trying something new and difficult to fit with such a funky breakdown. It was a courageous choice and I respect it. Plus, considering the familiar vibes and the explosive, surprising drop, I have the feeling that this rework can smoothly work in a club context. Let’s not underestimate it.

Probably “Rhythm Is A Dancer” received better remakes, but this version is one of the best around. Great work by Pegboard Nerds and Tia Simone, who brought us a enjoyable and dirty song capable of respecting the original. Enjoyable release, especially for ravers, totally recommended!

You can listen to “Rhythm Is A Dancer” here:

Monstercat · Pegboard Nerds & Tia Simone – Rhythm Is A Dancer