Pink Panda – Obsessed

Widely acclaimed DJ collective Pink Panda is back with a powerful new cut. ‘Obsessed’ brings together the UK duo’s characteristic, upwinding house vibes with a fresh, pitched-up take of Mariah Carey’s eponymous late zeroes hit. It’s the tune everyone’s been waiting for, a destined club favorite in full Pink Panda style.

It’s their extraordinary, sweet blend of pop and dance that ignites the audience, let alone the distinct blend of smooth R&B vibes that Pink Panda brings to the mix. Their latest effort ‘Obsessed’ says it all, unleashing a sultry, pitched vocal to capture the hot-blooded hook from Mariah Carey’s 2009 hit song.

Back then, ‘Obsessed’ was one of the later hits for the 90’s icon, emphasizing Carey’s unrelenting authority in contemporary R&B and hip hop. The energy brought to that record still holds today and works absolute wonders in the hands of Pink Panda, who uses the original’s infectious chorus to bring today’s raw house tune to its climax.

Pink Panda continues to make serious moves, getting everyone ’Obsessed’ all over again with a luscious blast.