Pink Panda & Sunset Strippers go sky high, revamping 2005 club classic ‘Falling Stars (2022)’

Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, worldwide acclaimed DJ collective Pink Panda has teamed up with legendary hit makers Sunset Strippers for a revitalized remake of their 2005 smash ‘Falling Stars.’ This rejuvenated version highlights the original’s famed and euphoric vocals, as well as those slick sax swipes, while a deep house groove and smooth layer of 2022 production polish the release into a clubbing gem all over again.

“Falling Stars” sees Pink Panda work their magic from start to finish. Honoring the original’s mesmerizing vocal lines and famed melody, the production collective has updated the original release with swerving beats, clubby FX and a groove that lands smack dab on contemporary appeal.

You’ll hear festival crowds sing along for sure, as the soaring saxophone licks will take them sky high. Simply put, “Falling Stars (2022)” is a destined crowd pleaser, uniting multiple generations in one powerful cut – may all your wishes be granted when this baby hits the floor.