Player Dave, FLY – Boundless Perception

California-based producer Player Dave is shaping up to be an exciting act to watch. A progressive thinker whose music follows suit, Player Dave just drew back the curtain on the second single from his debut album Where The Wind Blew Me. “Boundless Perception,” a collaboration with FLY, walks a fine line between bass and indietronica. With atmospheric tones in its peripheral, this dreamscape of a track stands out in a sea of stagnant sounds. Warping rhythms and inviting melodies oscillate a deep bassline, forming musical universes forged by the innovation of both creators. A space bass dream that challenges Player Dave’s signature sound, “Boundless Perception” is a testament to his far-reaching and ever-evolving versatility as a producer. Player Dave’s album Where The Wind Blew Me is slated for release Friday, March 26.

“After a few years of collaborating together, Naseem (FLY) and I developed this sound that was noticeably different from either of our solo work. We got closer to what was in our heads each time we worked together, and finally hit the nail on the head with ‘Boundless Perception’” – Player Dave

“When PD first showed me the initial ideas on his album years ago I was super inspired by the diversity of sounds and was honored to contribute to the project with our tune. Writing the track together was natural and flowed from start to finish very quickly. PD is a life long friend and I’m blessed to have him in my life.” – FLY