Plug Into TFMOM’s New Sonic Explorations; “Lil T” “Pink Lemonade” “Rise Up” And “Christus Magus”

DJ, producer, and Christian rapper TFMOM just made his latest contribution to music with the release of 4 special tracks; “Lil T,” “Pink Lemonade,” “Rise Up,” and “Christus Magus.” He describes music in an inspiring way and says: “Music is such a great way to express and validate complex emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual processes. It's language is universal. Love.” 

Always in perpetual search of new sonorities, textures, and merging soundscapes, he also adds a spiritual aspect to each and every of his creation, engineering a broader cultural sense of art and power. Profound yet easy to listen to, his incredibly well curated sounds well represent his inner purpose, while the Christian rapper continues fulfilling his mission on earth; spreading universal truth and sharing them via the most powerful medium that we humans have created; ART.