Police Finally Release Details Behind Las Vegas Festival Massacre

Four months after the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017, and the shooter’s motive still remains a complete mystery. Stephen Paddock did the unthinkable and opened fire on a music festival near the city’s strip, killing 58 concertgoers and wounding more than 500 others — but no one seems to know what triggered him.

Investigators have been piecing together the horrific crime, in meticulous chronological detail. In a newly released 81-page , police explain “every fact Paddock’s life” and conclude he acted alone.

Here are some other key findings from the :

-Paddock’s computer searches and other behavior prior to the shooting suggest he scouted other targets

-He began planning the attack months earlier, and made extensive, detailed preparations

-The shooter fired at least eight rounds at a giant propane fuel tank near the Las Vegas airport, which could have caused a major explosion had it set f 

-Paddock assembled a huge arsenal, including more than 100 firearms purchased in the prior year, but had no criminal record and no contact with law enforcement prior to the mass shooting

-Investigators found no suicide note or manifesto

-There is “no evidence radicalization or ideology to support any theory that Paddock supported or followed any hate groups or domestic or foreign terrorist organizations”

-The report says forensic analysts found “several hundred images child pornography” on Paddock’s computer hard drive

But perhaps the most puzzling all — “nothing was found to indicate motive on the part Paddock.” 2,000 leads, 21,580 hours video, 251,000 photographs and tons witness accounts later and still no answer.