Porter Robinson launches virtual listening experience for ‘Nurture’

While his fans patiently await the announcement of the release date for his second LP, Nurture, Porter Robinson is certainly building the hype around the project.

The first two singles—”Get Your Wish” and “Something Comforting“—ushered in an exciting new era for the North Carolina-based producer as they showcased his evolved sonic identity and a new visual aesthetic based around landscapes that combined both virtual and real-life elements. To further develop the experience around the album, Robinson teamed up with a digital media lab called Active Theory to launch a virtual listening experience for his album at nurtu.re.

The experience allows fans to control a squiggle line—similar to the ones on the cover arts for the two singles—and roam around a 3D plane. The plane consists of four portal windows that feature the environments connected to each single on the album. Currently, users can enter two of the portals, which contain worlds based on “Get Your Wish” and “Something Comforting”, but there are also two empty portals, insinuating Robinson will release two more singles ahead of his album.

Additionally, upon loading the website, fans will be connected with another fan anywhere in the world to roam around together in the same virtual experience. This platform comes just after Porter shared a personal experience about meeting up with a fan in VR, which he posted to his Twitter below.