Porter Robinson Releases ‘Cheerleader’, First Solo Track in Two Years

Porter Robinson‘s first single from his third artist album has dropped! We finally can confirm, even though we heard from the man himself, that he’s tapping into the 2010-2013 Indie Rock era. Of course, he’s added his own Porter twist to it as well as his own vocals!

In an IG Live Porter did with jamesjamesjames, Wavedash, Frost Children, Rezz, and his wife Rika shortly after the song dropped, Porter asked Rika what is one word that could describe the new album. Rika said, with a smile on her face, “pure fun“. Porter agreed and added “I haven’t played with high energy in a while.” Porter also gushed about how insanely happy he was at the moment even with very little sleep as he anticipated something going wrong with the release at 11 AM CST today.

He seemed the most confident than he’s ever been – stepping away from the emotional and slower BPM of Nuture and a pivot from Worlds. It feels like he’s in his zany and anime-influenced era with emotions and, of course, his love for Dance Dance Revolution. Take a look at the lyrics and the music video as well. There are many theories going around the Internet of what it all might mean. A general consensus is that it’s about intense fans of a project or person — still up for debate.

Regarding ‘Cheerleader‘, Porter says:

“When I got back in the studio for ‘Cheerleader’, I asked: what would be something that people could love with zero context — just instantaneous, universal, explosive connection? ‘Cheerleader’ is my take on bottling that feeling.

No word yet on the album’s release date. But, we’re off to a great start! Rejoice, scene kids! It looks like we may get a My Chemical Robinson era.