Porter Robinson Will Release “Nurture” Album on April 23

After a seven-year hiatus, Porter Robinson finally announced a release date for his highly-anticipated upcoming album Nurture.

Nurture will arrive this spring on April 23. While this American producer started his career over fifteen years ago, this is only his second full-length album. Coming off his beloved album, “Worlds”, fans are on the edge of their seat for Nurture.

In addition to the album release date, Porter also dropped the fourth single off the album titled ‘Look at the Sky’. Also, as a bonus, he linked a website for ‘Look at the Sky’ that features a 360-degree audiovisual experience.

‘Look at the Sky’ follows the ‘Get Your Wish’, ‘Something Comforting’, and ‘Mirror’ all of which were released in 2020. He dropped his first single ‘Get Your Wish’ over a year ago. This attention-grabbing track was Porter Robinson’s first single since ‘Shelter’ with Madeon in 2016.

Clearly, Nurture has been a long time coming. However, Porter Robinson did not completely finish the album until December of 2020. On December 18, Porter tweeted “as of today, Nurture is 100% finished.” Additionally, he called the album his favorite music he’s ever made. He also said that the extra time from the COVID-19 pandemic was a huge benefit to both him and the album.

Without a doubt, fans are eager for the album’s release in April. Luckily, Porter Robinson is constantly keeping his fans in the loop with updates, and gave them four new singles for the time being.

Virtual Self

While he took a break making music under his “Porter Robinson” name, he was actually creating an entirely new alias as a side project.

Porter Robinson’s project “Virtual Self” allowed him to take a step back from his usual sound to create a whole new persona. Porter launched this idea. Back in October 2017 with the initial release of EON BREAK. About a month later, he dropped a full self-titled EP.

Since then, Porter only released one new song under the Virtual Self alias in July of 2018 titled ‘Angel Voices’. He played various festivals as Virtual Self including Bonnaroo, Ultra, HARD Summer, BUKU and many more.

Undoubtedly, he worked hard on this side project, though, he’s currently back to creating music under “Porter Robinson”.