Poylow, Misfit, MAD SNAX – Halo (I’ll Be There)

Poylow, Misfit, MAD SNAX - Halo (I'll Be There)

71%Overall Score

• Future Bounce à la Brooks
• Solid, well-designed structure with breakdown
• Less innovative, but delivers a sound performance

We are back here talking about Poylow and MAD SNAX after their splendid “Drop In The Ocean“, made available again by NCS! This trio is impressing me, and now there are the polyvalent skills of Misfit on top of that!

Halo (I’ll Be There)” is a Future Bounce anthem that slightly reminds me of Brooks before jumping onto commercial sounds, with energizing leads and the list goes on. I am starting to get the gist of Poylow (who holds a decade of experience in EDM already) and MAD SNAX, while Misfit has worked with different genres (including Phonk), adding that pinch of unpredictability that makes “Halo” more special.

It’s a “gaming tune”, as expected from NCS, yet the lyrics are well-delivered and the breakdown has a good attitude without lacking personality, fitting smoothly with the singer’s mannerisms… I particularly loved a detail in the buildup where the notes adapted around the vocal pitch alteration in a natural way, giving a little frill before the final bouncy explosion of a drop.

If you dig Mike Williams, Mesto, Brooks, and all the Future Bounce pioneers, then you will certainly have fun with “Halo (I’ll Be There)”. Not an outstanding project, as I am afraid that few people have already pushed the boundaries of this genre (maybe Curbi and a couple of others), but an entertaining idea nevertheless. These are passionate artists and great releases can be expected from them in the future!

You can listen to “Halo” here:

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