Premiere: Madeaux and Jace Mek update freaky Nine Inch Nails classic, ‘Closer’ – Dancing Astronaut

In this audacious cover, Madeaux and Jace Mek inject a modernized, infernal serum into a decadent Nine Inch Nails classic. With the rework, Madeaux continues chiseling one of the most powerful weapons at his disposal: his own voice.

Aside from the downright hellacious, low-light candor of both the cover and the original, the former carries a bit of subtle funk to pair with the fanged friskiness. Tackling a ubiquitous number stands as an improbable feat for any producer, let alone a nuanced number like “Closer.” But the pair have made it their own, updating it with gumption for today’s dance domain.

Madeaux had this to say about the effort:

“Rather than try to recreate [the song], we decided to strip it down, streamline it, and in doing so make it more modern and dance-friendly.”

Madeaux, creator of the lavish and lascivious LIMBO party series, has found solace over the years with the likes of electronic A-lister A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold records. Swiftly ascending talent Jace Mek has made his way to Tchami’s CONFESSION and Jauz’s Bite This!, among other high-priority stops.