Punk and dubstep? What a combo from ROY KNOX, Lost Wolves, and Soundr!

Punk and dubstep? What a combo from ROY KNOX, Lost Wolves, and Soundr!

86%Overall Score

• Top-notch vocal, a must listen
• Two different drops, smooth transitions
• Incoming punk trend influences in EDM

Given the looming popularity of Punk revival, several artists have trended again with a steady flow of releases (see Machine Gun Kelly, for instance), and we’ve already started to see some similar inspirations in EDM as well. Illenium— just to name someone— had heavy punk rock vibes in his latest albums, sharing collabs with veterans like Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker. It’s difficult to merge the two worlds efficiently, although today we have another successful example to share.

Released in Lost In Dreams Records, “Unsteady” is a melodic Dubstep banger created by ROY KNOX (remember the viral “Lost In Sounds”?), Lost Wolves— who are specialized in this genre— teamed up with Soundr handling the vocal department. The energetic voice fits like a glove in this ambiance, fusing the natural tendency of melodic Dubstep to use guitars in the buildup part, then with exploding dubstep growls in the drop phase. Since the very first instant, I had to acknowledge— this is hot stuff!

And “Unsteady” knows its strengths: a delicate infusion of rock in the breakdown, the initial phase unfolds gradually before including the EDM elements; then the result turns amazing, as both the first and second drops differentiate with their unique personas, equally accompanied by smooth transitions.

The dualism struck between genres and between the drops— one more and the other less melodic— turns “Unsteady” into a top-notch record with superb vocals as the icing on the cake. Like I said, hot stuff!

You can listen to “Unsteady” here: