R3HAB and Alida Collab on “One More Dance”

Following a series of impressive releases this year, including most recently “Am I The Only One” featuring HRVY and Astrid S and “One Love” with Now United, R3HAB quickly returns with “One More Dance” with Alida. The song comes as a release on R3HAB’s own imprint, CYB3RPVNK.

A trailblazer in EDM, R3HAB has never been shy to experiment with sounds across genres, from pop to Latin to country. The Dutch-Moroccan producer’s songs land as earworms among listeners, and “One More Dance” is no different. Alida’s emotive vocals take the forefront of the track, provoking feelings of bittersweet longing for that one last dance. R3HAB’s soul-touching bass melody and entrancing leads guide the song’s drop alongside Alida’s sweet voice.

R3HAB shared his inspiration behind the song, saying, “‘One More Dance'” is about the power of music, which is able to distract you from your pain and to build your courage to overcome your everyday problems. It also works like a drug, that lets you stay in a fantasy for a little bit longer, so press play and get lost in one more dance and get the strength to face whatever situation you’re dealing with.”

Additionally, Alida shared her thoughts as well. “This is one of the first songs we wrote when lockdown started in Los Angeles back in March. A Zoom session with laggy internet between LA and Oslo led to this super on-pulse dance track. I loved working with R3HAB, and we’re so pumped to share this dance track with the world!” the Norwegian singer/songwriter noted.

Listen to “One More Dance” below or stream it on CYB3RPVNK.