R3HAB x Lukas Graham – Most People

• Lukas Graham with a gorgeous vocal performance
• And, is that an accordion?!
• Folk/Country meets electronic music

Sure, I stopped caring about R3HAB years ago after realizing that his “co-producers” were focused on quantitative aspect of releases, not qualitative, in order to stay relevant. But in an ocean of innumerable decent songs being published everyday, there are diamonds in the rough, musically speaking.

“Most People” fascinated me to such a point that I decided to jot down my thoughts about the new collaboration between the CYB3RPVNK owner and singer-songwriter Lukas Graham. I loved his earlier hit “7 Years”, so being candid, it was the latter’s involvement that caught my attention first.

The atmosphere is absorbing: the first breakdown section has clear focus towards country/folk music in it, a strategy that Avicii already bought to fame with unforgettable gems… yet before mislabeling this as a disingenuous copycat, it dawned on me that this wasn’t the only component in the spotlight. Lukas Graham performed great with a cheery, lightweight and easy-listening type vocals, dominating the break as the riff enters in with a blast.

Forget underground EDM idea here, that’s out of the question considering it’s pop. Wait, isn’t that an accordion?! I wasn’t expecting such a peculiar placement of the unique instrument, accompanied by a rhythmic set of percussions adding a genuine “countryside ballad” to the equation. My appreciation got coupled with admiration for its simplicity and effectiveness.

R3HAB hasn’t been my favourite artist for a long time, you all know that.

Even after keeping that in mind, I can’t help but say “Most People” is a delightful pop song: danceable, fun, delicate with a tempting vocal and an unpredictable accordion powered drop. I genuinely recommend this, for certain it has capability to impart happiness to its listener!

You can listen to “Most People” here:

R3HAB · R3HAB x Lukas Graham – Most People