Rare Talent Alice The G00N Shares “Who Do You Love?”

Alice The G00N is out with a beautiful new track called “Who Do You Love?” that shows the audience a glimpse of the inner emotions of the artist. A powerful singer, Alice The G00N makes the world sparkle with her incredible energy and talented vocals. Sharing her bold ideology and profound thoughts, Alice manages not only to entertain but to leave quite an impression. No newcomer to the act, the artist has been honing her skills for years and is now ready to present her work.

Rhythm and dance music runs in Alice’s veins which is why she is already so successful with thousands upon thousands of streams. “There’s tension and pressure when you put yourself out there. There’s that feeling of ‘I’m  really into you, and here’s the moment where I risk it all to find out if it’s mutual’,” Alice The G00N said. In her art, she tries to question the ideal all the while paving her own way and we are here to witness her journey!

Alice The G00N can be found on Instagram - Twitter - TikTok - Soundcloud - YouTube