Rave Culture Is Making Its Way Onto The Blockchain

Rave Culture Is Making Its Way Onto The Blockchain

Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Data mining. A decentralized internet. These phrases may sound familiar or completely foreign to you, but they are relevant nonetheless. In this case, we want to discuss these concepts’ relation to rave culture.

In a recent article by Wired, they dive into this phenomena which has crept its way into the underground rave and party scene. The publication had previously written a simplified definition blockchaining- “A decentralised electronic ledger record] with duplicate copies on thousands computers around the world. It cannot be altered retrospectively, allowing asset ownership and transfer to be recorded without external verification”. If you need a more expanded and simplified definition, watch to help speed the complicated explaining process along.

This basically means the people who are mining on blockchains are anonymous, leaving people’s identity out the equation. To get into the blockchain information, you must solve whatever equation is required to breach it, and when you do, you are rewarded with cryptocurrency which is called ‘data mining’. The cryptocurrency you’ve mined is basically your private key into the blockchain information, which in this case would be the address to the rave.

This is a clear reason for party organizers to encrypt their gatherings, leaving both parties identities’ out it, making it secure enough so that it is only used by people they trust. This takes the worry away since using public platforms to promote parties are susceptible to infiltration from police i.e. social media.

Even so, the beauty rave culture is that it has always been a largely underground and secretive artistic society. Now, it is moving into a new realm possibilities in this cryptic era technology heading for a decentralized digital marketplace. Stay tuned for more.