rebelyay – Danger On My Mind

‘Danger On My Mind’ is the newest release from New York based artist, rebelyay. The elusive producer impresses with his brand of stark, glitchy Hyper-pop. There are hints of experimental pop pioneers in the mix such as Sophie and Flume, though rebelyay feels more a contemporary than a follower – and a welcome addition to the fold at that. The trippy sound production is truly next level, as is the accompanying visual to go along with it. In his own words, the track quite simply follows “the entirety of an acid trip.” The movement is off kilter but kept to the rhythm of a beating heart. The bass constantly shifts through octaves like the crazy ups and downs that you may hit throughout your trip. And, finally, it all breaks and comes back to the place where you started. Only this time, something feels different. Check out a quote from him below and under that watch the video for “Danger On My Mind”, it's beautifully unique.

“The title “Danger On My Mind” represents my thoughts during trips and how I’ve faced past traumas that came up a lot during trips that I’ve had. But through that I’ve had some “divine intervention” and a lot has changed from those experiences.”