Reinier Zonneveld turns back time with techno remix that’s been 40 years in the making – Dancing Astronaut

The world could use more modern techno remixes of 1970’s Russian movie soundtracks. There, I said it. Thankfully, Amsterdam’s Reinier Zonneveld got the memo, as he gives fans an acidic techno cut of Edward Artemiev’s “Resurrection” (aka the Theme to 1979’s Siberiade).

Not to be confused with Reinier’s own 2013 track titled “Resurrection,” the Dutchman’s 2020 remix may also remind you of the 1998 trance classic of the same name. Whether you judge Zonneveld’s remix in regards to how it transcends the decades since the original composition, or by how it blends a melody that became so identifiable to 90’s trance with a modern techno scene that it’s so far removed from, the harrowing atmosphere of its predecessors is as strong as ever. However, as many trance elements might be found in the track’s buildup, the stripped-down drop that follows shows why this track fits in line with Zonneveld’s eminent productions and properly outfits a tune that was played in cinemas and clubs decades ago for the techno raves of the 20’s.

Reinier Zonneveld’s remix of Artemiev’s “Ressurection” is out now on Filth on Acid.