Rekordbox iOS Now Supports Beatport Streaming

In an exciting turn of events, Beatport Streaming has now made its way to rekordbox iOS. This integration marks a significant milestone, allowing users to seamlessly access Beatport’s vast library directly from their phones. Now, DJs can effortlessly play tracks from the entire Beatport catalogue within the app. Moreover, creating and syncing playlists across devices has never been easier. This development is not just an update; it represents a transformative shift in the world of mobile DJing.

Explore a World of Music at Your Fingertips

The rekordbox iOS app now opens the door to Beatport’s expansive selection, boasting over 12 million tracks. Users can delve into a rich array of curated playlists and top 100 charts with ease. Whether seeking the perfect track to complete a set or exploring uncharted musical territories, this integration caters to all needs. The user-friendly interface ensures that finding your next favorite track is just a few taps away.

Beyond Listening: Performance Meets Organization

Rekordbox for iOS transcends its role as a mere music player, emerging as an all-encompassing DJ tool. By switching to landscape mode, users can transform their mobile device into a ready-to-go DJ station. The app allows for direct loading of music onto decks, enabling mixing with FX, filters, EQs, and performance pads. When paired with compatible controllers like the DDJ-FLX4 or DDJ-200, it elevates the DJing experience from private sessions to public performances. Moreover, it keeps everything organized by syncing cue points and metadata changes across devices.

The recent rekordbox for iOS update is nothing short of a game-changer, now available for free on the App Store. It empowers users to turn their mobile devices into DJing powerhouses, perfect for performances at any location. Whether you’re entertaining at a party or experimenting with tracks on the move, rekordbox, coupled with Beatport Streaming, ensures you’re well-equipped. Note that a Beatport Streaming subscription is essential, and while offline playback isn’t supported, the plethora of online streaming options more than compensates. Prepare to mix, experiment, and perform with rekordbox for iOS – your ultimate portable DJ solution.

For more information, check out Pioneer DJ’s official website, here.

[H/T] – Beatport