Relax This “Weekend” With Casey Austin’s Clubhouse Bootleg

Casey Austin captures the vision of unwinding and shrugging off this week’s troubles through his bootleg version of Clubhouse’s 2020 single “Weekend.” Coming to you first, One EDM premieres the bootleg of “Weekend” along with a free download link.

“Weekend” stands as one of the singles from the producer’s Sunset Bootleg series, a series aptly named for its invigorating tunes and refreshing spin on current music. Casey Austin transforms the low-tempo “Weekend” into a bright track filled with energetic kicks and snares pulsing alongside vibrant, oscillating tones. Moreover, tapping into the pure definition of chill, the organic elements of the track create tranquil feelings of warm rays and salty breezes rushing across the skin.

The producer also shared an exclusive comment behind the track, saying, “I stumbled upon ‘Weekend’ and fell in love with the beachy, Lo-Fi vibes. I flipped it into a dreamy dance remix that maintains the original track’s soul, while kicking the energy up a notch!”

Casey Austin first discovered his musical talents after spinning hip-hop records on vinyl. Soon after as a young adult, he made his way to San Francisco and channeled his creativity as part of a circus company. Taking his talents to the next level, the producer managed his time between studying physics and contributing art installations at Burning Man. Finding his passion in production, Casey Austin is currently enrolled at the prestigious Berklee College of Music graduate school as part of the Music Production program. Without a doubt, the Californian producer heads to the forefront of up-and-coming artists, bringing along his extraordinary background and heartfelt production.

Check out Casey Austin’s bootleg of Clubhouse’s “Weekend” below or download the song for free.