Relive Diplo's Burning Man sets, including his b2b with Flume

Burning Man is no average festival, and as such, the desert-based event warrants no average sets.

“I’m guilty of getting lazy and keeping some of the same routine and playing [the] same songs,” Diplo wrote in a recent Instagram post that contained ten clips from the DJ’s various sets over the course of the weekend. “But at BM I get to play records for the first time, bring back old records, improvise, connect with old friends, find new energy, do amazing back to back sets,” Diplo continued.

Diplo delivered a multitude of sets that allowed the LSD constituent to break with his standard MO across various Burning Man stages — including the no name camp, camp jou jou, the 747, and the church, among others. Instead, they got to watch him live as he shuffled through his library to drop some heat that rivaled even the temps of Black Rock City.

“…creating a vibe w friends and random people riding bikes around you is some of the moments that make me feel like DJing is still one of the greatest jobs in the world. And I’m so lucky,” Diplo concludes the post. Swipe through Diplo’s Instagram collage to relive some of the producer’s liveliest moments at Burning Man 2018.

Photo Credit: Noiseporn

H/T: EDM Sauce