Remix package for Instupendo's 'Faces I Know' arrives – Dancing Astronaut

From his humble beginnings as a viral star rising out of SoundCloud, Instupendo is in the midst of a banner 2018. The soon-to-be NYC-based producer debuted his second EP, Faces I Know, followed shortly after by a visual accompaniment, and parlayed a remix of Rostam‘s “Half-Light” into a supporting slot at Brooklyn Steel.

Instupendo is now up for the remix treatment himself, as Slow Magic, Owsey, and Laxcity take on the Faces I Know‘s “Fleur,” “Boy,” and “Clementine,” respectively.

Slow Magic turns the energy up a few notches on ” Fleur” with undulating synths and crisp percussion fills, while the track remains steeped in Instupendo’s trademark haze. Owsey’s take on “Boy” veers more sharply into different direction, adding vocal chops for new melodic lines, and capacious synths and drums that almost make the remix a guarantee to be played at big festival spots under an icosahedron.

Finally, Laxcity flips “Clementine” entirely, at times a stuttering, fluttering track bound by the original’s arpeggios before smoothing out a spacey atmospheric exploration anchored by a rumbling low end.

It’s a testament to Instupendo’s originals and their sound songwriting that each can be flipped in entirely different directions, and similarly that the remixers themselves took such disparate routes to produce new takes that pay homage to the originals and yet remain wholly their own.