REPORT: New Study Proves Listening To Music Before Bed Helps You Sleep

If you’re anything like us, you listen to music all day everyday (for the most part), but some studies have shown there’s actually a time day when it might be particularly beneficial for you: bedtime.

Music truly can heal — that’s no secret. There are tons health benefits, ranging from stress relief, to weight loss, to pain reduction, that can all be traced back to . Science says it’s a good idea to take music to bed with you, as it can even help battle insomnia.

Of course, we’re not saying blast your favorite hardstyle track or turn on some riddim and expect to sleep soundly. But reachers have found that those listening to your favorite type music right before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster than others who do not. If that’s too much, white noise or binaural beats might be the solution.

A study in 2003 looked at students taking a nap in a controlled sleep lab, monitored by something called a polysomnograph. The result? Music listeners fell asleep faster. Another study in 2008 found that classical music could help the majority insomniacs better than those who listened to an audiobook. Another 2012 study proved relaxing music before bedtime helped listeners drift into a peaceful sleep. Read the full collection studies .

This is a little counterintuitive — considering we’re usually staying up all night to listen to music, rather than turning it on to fall asleep. But, it’s the same reason lullabies work well on infants. So turn your music on and sleep like a baby tonight! It’s worth a try!