Return to Vice City! Drop your music predictions for GTA VI

Miracles do happen, and it happened quite recently: Rockstar Games gave us a thrilling sneak peek at what would probably be the defining video game for the next decade and longer. In all its glory, we will be returning to the decadent world of Vice City with GTA VI.

We aren’t here to rehash the 99 things you missed in the trailer; that’s not our forte. We rather want to focus on the tracklists. The franchise of Grand Theft Auto has some fantastic radio stations— especially when it comes to dance music.

Classic records such as “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” by Modjo and “Midnight City” by M83 got etched into the memory of the players through GTA V’s radio station. The developers took it a notch further by including exclusive recorded live gigs from monikers such as Tale of Us, Solomon, Dixon, Keinemusik, and others.

So what about GTA VI then? Obviously some of the recent dance hits will make it into the final cut. Also let’s not forget Rockstar’s acquisition of Circoloco Records in 2021: an underground dance music label based in Ibiza, it has released several top-quality EPs and singles. Does that mean we will have a Circoloco Radio station? Maybe that’s a stretch.

Only time will tell the specifics, but for now, what are your predictions? Which EDM tracks would make a feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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