[Review] Another Epic Chapter of Ultra Europe

Another monumental chapter in the musical history of Split has come to a close! The ninth edition of the Ultra Europe festival will be remembered as the biggest one yet. With record-breaking attendance and a plethora of production enhancements, musical surprises, and technological marvels, ULTRA Europe continues to reign as an unparalleled music event in the Balkans. Three days of enchanting melodies and rhythms culminated in a spectacular finale last night, featuring electrifying performances by Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Alesso, and the highly anticipated set by Carl Cox on the RESISTANCE stage. And the biggest surprise of the night: The Split sky came alive with a mesmerizing dance of 300 drones, creating an unprecedented production spectacle.

Unforgettable Performances

  • Dutchman Fedde Le Grand: Setting the Stage for Ultranauts

On Sunday, the main stage of the festival rocked the electrifying sounds of Dutch DJ, Fedde Le Grand. With his masterful abilities, he skillfully prepared the crowd for what was to come, setting the stage perfectly for the grand finale for the Ultranauts. 

  • Morten: A Futuristic Delight

Following in the footsteps of Fedde Le Grand, Danish DJ Morten took over the turntables and mesmerized the audience with his unique and futuristic sound. Within the first few minutes of his set, Morten managed to seduce and captivate the almost full dance floor. The Ultranauts, enthralled by his performance, couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised by this musical revelation. Morten proved to be one of the festival’s biggest unexpected pleasures, providing a refreshing and unforgettable experience for all.

  • W&W: A Dynamic Duo

As the cheers for Morten subsided, the well-known duo W&W took over the stage, ready to continue the musical journey. With their signature style and undeniable talent, they effortlessly carried the energy of the crowd to new heights. The audience eagerly awaited the next wave of performances as the festival showcased an impressive lineup of musicians.

  • Afrojack: ULTRA Europe’s Cherished Performer

Afrojack has established himself as one of the most beloved performers at ULTRA Europe, and this year was no exception.. His performance was a seamless fusion of the greatest dance hits and mind-blowing production elements.

  • Martin Garrix: From Uncrowned Prince to King of ULTRA

Martin Garrix’s love affair with ULTRA is no secret. Since his humble beginnings at the age of 15, he has been closely associated with the festival. As the host, The Voice, proudly declared, “He was once the uncrowned Prince of ULTRA, and now he proudly holds the title of King!” In a matter of minutes, Martin transformed Youth Park into a magical realm, captivating tens of thousands of fans and transporting them to another dimension with his extraordinary musical talent.

  • Alesso: Closing the Main Stage with a Fiery Performance

The main stage of ULTRA Europe closed with a bang as Alesso, another sensational artist from Scandinavia, took the spotlight. His performance was nothing short of phenomenal, igniting the crowd with his fiery energy. Alesso’s captivating stage presence and electrifying beats led the audience into the final dawn of the festival, leaving everyone craving for more.

The RESISTANCE Stage: A Gateway to Musical Euphoria

Carl Cox at Resistance Stage 2023.

The RESISTANCE stage witnessed an unforgettable performance by Nicole Moudaber, whose hypnotic sound attracted a record number of visitors. However, this was just the prelude to the long-awaited return of the electronic music legend, Carl Cox. With his hybrid set, Cox delivered a mega spectacle that had over 15,000 attendees dancing both inside and in front of the stage. Despite recent enhancements and increased capacity, the overwhelming response from Ultranauts who grooved to Carl Cox’s beats suggests that the stage may need to expand even further next year.

A Dazzling Drone Show

[embedded content]

Sunday night, Ultranauts bore witness to an extraordinary moment. Following Afrojack’s performance, a breathtaking Drone Show took to the skies—a sight never before seen in this part of Europe, both in duration and scale. A total of 300 drones illuminated the Split sky for a mesmerizing nine-minute choreography, synchronized with the pulsating beats of famous EDM hits. This dazzling aerial dance, with its intricate formations, added a special touch to the final day of the festival. Once again, ULTRA Europe showcased not only the best of music but also its commitment to the highest technological and production standards, following global trends.

The ninth edition of ULTRA Europe has left an indelible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts. As the festival continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences, it solidifies its position as the pinnacle of musical events in this region. Until next year, when ULTRA Europe promises to deliver yet another exhilarating experience, brimming with extraordinary performances, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled production values.