REZZ & deadmau5 – Hypnocurrency

• Gnarly and glitching sounds
• A dominance shown by Rezz throughout
• Subtle but crucial nuances from Deadmau5

While the current financial markets are embroiling over digital assets such as the notorious Bitcoin or Ethereum (on NFTs), there is no dearth of jests being drawn at the craze shown over such trading. That is another topic entirely (and one not suitable for this blog), so I will be taking some time to talk about the relatable occurrence that happened over at the esteemed imprint Mau5trap. Canadian heavyweights REZZ and Deadmau5 unfolded the curtains from their latest joint-effort, sarcastically christened “Hypnocurrency”. Unlike the chuckle you might get from the title, the production in reality is a rollercoaster of a ride filled with an aggressive mentality and impressive technical prowess.

Candidly, I must begin on the note that I am charting outside the usual comfortable domain of preferred music with this, so pardon if theirs any important detail amiss (be free to comment them below). Ddeadmau5 has shown heavy leniency towards leftfield and underground tones since time immemorial (except a few commercial attempts), and his label is the living example of choice selection and unheard yet immensely talented artists. Fellow native REZZ fit right into this roster, as her insignia brings forth a stamp of approval that she has established: growling sound-set that boasts about meticulous sound-design capabilities and even cleverer arrangements. The question on why this synergy took place at a later moment than expected begs more curiosity, as fften the label-boss take greater interests with star-performers of their imprints. Well, putting that aside and considering scheduling conflicts and contemporary situations, lets delve deeper.

Even if not completely devoted to their discography, the minute I pressed on the play button and heard about 5 miniscule seconds, I knew who outshone the other. As the title prioritizes with the names, REZZ’s gritty trademark is omnipresent, perhaps suggestive of the fact that it was completed firsthand by her. Maybe my deduction here is incorrect, but don’t sigh just yet; deadmau5’s touch on progression and plucky arpeggiated synths akin to Progressive House avail themselves among the thumping and gnarly low-end that shakes the auditory senses. Furthermore, the audio-engineering aspect on this song is downright remarkable; not surprising, considering the more renowned of the two has an imposing studio filled with analog equipment (check his Twitch streams for a visual reference). The percussion thwack on hits, and the bassline contort and glitch as the warm lead synths carry over this group with pulsating energy. The tempo does a further service by choosing a slower (again, a Rezz thingy to do) tempo to intensify the aggravating volatility. Among all these, the schematics remain minimal and no major variance (such as change in BPM) take place, keeping it linear and focused on its horsepower.

In short, “Hypnocurrency” doesn’t disappoint, while still leaving an opening for mixed feelings from selective listeners. As a layman to this sort of style, I only wonder at the behind the scene process of the track and admire at its distinctive characteristics. A notable team-up for this year indeed!

You can listen to “Hypnocurrency” here:

deadmau5 · REZZ & deadmau5 – Hypnocurrency