REZZ Reveals The Real Reason Why She Always Wears A Hat

Rezz has a style all her own — but recently a fan wanted to learn more about why she’s always seen rocking a black hat. It’s such a mainstay part her look that it’s even drawn up in the Rezz logo (just check her prile pic).

The answer is simple: to keep hair out her face when she’s on stage. Also, the hat paired with her headphones help to keep her signature googles secure on her face when she’s jumping all over the place. So, not only is the hat pretty cool in itself — it’s super practical, too.

The mau5trap producer revealed she does take f the hat when she’s at home and jokes her hair is actually an onion spout underneath. Kill the Noise joined in the conversation to reveal why he wears a hat also.

Guess we learn something new every day!

Why Rezz Wears A Hat…