Riot Ten & Cesqeaux – Bang Bang

• Characteristic Riot Ten synths with a Cesqeaux touch
• Tons of dirty trap sounds, incredibly enjoyable
• Predictable structure… with a twist

Being a huge fan of Riot Ten, his incredible production crafts gave him an irremovable spot into my all-time favourite producers (with his recent works being heart-touching). Alternatively, the Dutch up and coming act is slowly surprising by adapting to gritty Bass House tracks “Get It” with genre heavyweight Curbi has been on a constant repeat for me, and proves his mettle at creating a striking style. This collaboration has put my expectations beyond cloud seven and hence deserves its own article.

There are no doubts remaining regarding the ingenuity in this instrumental, if we are discussing Dubstep from the festival’s point of view. It is meticulously arranged to make the crowd go absolute haywire, all credits due to Riot Ten’s incredibly “in your face” synths which perform in the first drop segment, paired with an aggressive bassline.
Like every blueprint, there is a deficiency present in this composition to a point. The predictable placements in this single may be considered as a con, but it is not a deal-breaker as such, and perhaps add to the enjoyment considering one’s taste. Switching to the Hard Trap rhythm after the initial moments displays more power, with its vicious kicks and reggae-inspired signature providing much pleasure to the ears. Calmer moments feel static and somewhat mundane considering the taste of spice we get from the louder segments, along-side the whistle portions which get repetitive.

Following this, the second drop operates on a similar basis like its prequel, a skull-crushing performance that can easily be an amusement or annoyance depending what suits the best for your taste palette. If you’re devoted to their styles, you will be attached to this number. It is not entirely experimenting, but both producers have demonstrated plenty of their technical abilities in engineering something innovative.

“Bang Bang” is obviously a festival-oriented belter, but don’t get me wrong, I have heard more ‘rude’ and athletic songs than this one. However I wanted to find something like my previous month’s pick. Recommended to everyone who is in dire search for another neck-breaking tune to experience, as this delivers a strong dosage of it effectively!

You can listen to “Bang Bang” here:

Bassrush · Riot Ten & Cesqeaux – Bang Bang