RIP Kenny Explores New Styles on “Thought I Knew You”

Enter the wicked and wonderful world of RIP Kenny on his genre-blurring new single “Thought I Knew You.” The high-intensity track exists in the untraveled spaces between dubstep and metal as he tethers the two genres to mirror their similarities in a tasteful, digestible manner. The third single taken from his forthcoming album Escapism, “Thought I Knew You” follows similar themes as its preceding singles “Letting Go” and “Lost” as it continues to root itself in the depths of both self-discovery and loss. Electric guitars swell and fold to complement his poignant vocal delivery as twitches of dubstep hooks confront the song's heavy metal facade. A powerful, cinematic listen that showcases his penchant for storytelling, “Thought I Knew You” is something different and dangerous from the fast-rising artist. Listen below.