Rob Tirea Unleashes “Deaf and Stellar”

Rob Tirea releases the third and titular single from his upcoming debut EP, “Deaf and Stellar.”

“Deaf and Stellar” features the impressive writing, production, and singing talents of Rob Tirea himself. A combination of chill house and indie-pop, the track invites listeners to live in the moment and embrace the mellow melody as Rob Tirea’s entrancing vocals lay the groundwork for a relaxing time without plagues of worries.

This latest release illustrates Rob Tirea’s capabilities of breaking down barriers between genres. Simply put, the Los Angeles producer gives his own touch to deep house, drawing elements from alternative rock, experimental, and indie-pop, proving that dance music is always evolving,

The artist first emerged in 2018 after signing to the label 2Dutch with his single “Imagine.” The following year, Rob Tirea continued with his expansive catalog following a collaboration with the duo Revelries and singer/songwriter Kayrae.

Furthermore, the producer released “Insecure” and “The Storm Front and The Sea” this year, the latter first showcasing Rob Tirea’s own vocals. As the year closes, keep an eye out for Rob Tirea’s debut EP, Deaf and Stellar, coming out on December 4.

Lastly, listen to the track below or stream it following this link.