Russian DJ/Producer Anastasia Kristensen is about to tour Aus

Anastasia Kristensen is identify that has surfaced on a worldwide scale up to now yr or so. For the uninitiated, Anastasia was born in Moscow, however moved to Copenhagen when she was 15. It was there that she found the sounds of ">chip-tune music. The Eight-bit sounds was what incepted digital music into her thoughts.

It was in Anastasia’s 20’s the place she got here throughout the craft of DJ while finding out IT for well being care. It was by no means her intention to take the talent onto the worldwide circuit, however her profession has progressed to the purpose there it's now in a really natural method.

One level of distinction that Anastasia carries is her understanding of ballet. Her father needed her to grasp the artform. ‘I feel it influenced me quite a bit within the sense of understanding rhythm and wonder, aesthetics, and giving me a normal curiosity for the humanities. I feel that’s the place it comes from, typically. An understanding of concord and melody comes from ballet, too” says Anastasia.

Now with 5 releases underneath her belt, Kristensen is about to make the lengthy journey right down to Australia for DJ units in Sydney and Melbourne. We can all thank Melbourne occasions group Bunker for the tour. Check out the beneath particulars:

Feb 22nd – Melbourne: Bunker presents Anastasia Kristensen
Feb 23rd – Sydeny: Control: Anastasia Kristensen & Lady Blacktronika