Saberz & ANG – Home Run

• Six years of camaraderie
• Fourth collaboration between Saberz & ANG
• Unique studio-chemistry at display

Following its unanticipated introduction at Parookaville 2020 by Dutch titans W&W, fellow reputed Hungarian Electronic act SaberZ and renowned Mexican duo ANG have shown mettle with their newest creation titled “Home Run”. In this particular opportune, the latter tetrad have displayed their long-time mutual creativity and friendship (which spans over six years). Thanks to the veteran’s involvement, these pairs have become a part of the ever-evolving festival-ready Rave Culture roster.

“Home Run”, as some would know, is actually the fourth synergy shared between the mentioned SaberZ and ANG, starting with underrated collaborations such as ‘Theta’ (2015) and ‘Make You’ on TNC recordings. Furthermore, they together made it to esteemed imprints such as Revealed and Spinnin’. Both the dyads have worked with significant figures in the Electro House scene such as Jaxx & Vega, Maddix and KEVU. Being a connoisseur of the Big Room scene for some time, I can guarantee that their hard-hitting signature soundset has developed much, while keeping to the roots which endeared the fans.

The instrumental’s inception is with the hype-inducing marching chants, further aided by the supersaw synths to converge towards the energetic hook. What I also observed is SaberZ’s tonal attuned and vigorous kick, a trademark in their compositions. Meanwhile, the layering of the synth-ensemble has been designed by the adept Mexican pair. The following drop segment blasts with impressive capacity, thanks to the meticulous brass-tacks and details added by the above-named creators.

All in all, “Home Run” hits a sweet-spot with a futuristic take on the otherwise easily redundant format, while keeping intact the reputation of this association. The Dutch label has impressed me yet again!

You can listen to “Home Run” here:

Rave Culture · SaberZ x ANG – Home Run