San Holo officially shares two singles off upcoming 'album1' – Dancing Astronaut

Turn on any future bass playlist, and San Holo‘s name is likely to make an appearance. The Dutch producer quickly stole hearts in the low end of the dance spectrum with his breakthrough hit “Light,” and other supremely mellifluous singles like “I Still See Your Face,” and “Right Here, Right Now.” On top of his studio successes and busy tour schedule, he also runs a very successful bitbird label, which as of late has been signing on quite a lot of experimental talent that potentially points out a new chapter for the imprint.

Bitbird’s foray into the experimental side of bass, it turns out, could also be taken as an indicator that San Holo himself is going through a change. Per a recent interview with Billboard, he stated that he was “on the quest for new music.” He reaffirmed this assertion sonically, satisfying fans’ hunger for new music with two vastly different tracks titled “worthy,” and “lift me from the ground. These are the first from his highly-anticipated, album1.

“Wonder” shows off the producer’s softer side and harkens to a personal moment for the producer between himself and an old flame where the question of personal contentment came up. We hear the internal conversation in this song, which flirts with post rock and electronica as it trips over bittersweet guitar riffs and scenic orchestral accents. A vocoded voice repeating the lyrics, “tell me, ‘Am I worth it?'” leads into a blissful conclusion, where it feels the ultimate resolution is that yes, the subject is “worth it.”

San Holo goes harder in “lift me off the ground,” which is a collaborative number with Sofie Winterson. It evokes a soaring effect with celestial synthwork and Hammock-esque guitar accent, packing in dancefloor-appropriate drops that add an extra layer of catchiness to the finished product. Though closer to what one might expect to hear from San Holo, “lift me off the ground” is still quite distinguished from his previous works, and opens the door to more explorative performances in the future. We’re looking forward to hearing what else is in store for album1.



Photo credit: Facebook / San Holo